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The Reliable and Affordable Low Moisture, Oscillating Pad Carpet Cleaning System.

The Challenger Pad System is a revolutionary machine that more carpet cleaning professionals are choosing as their primary method of residential and commercial cleaning. Customers who are familiar with hot water extraction (HWE) methods of carpet cleaning have seen dramatic improvements and are left with results they call “unbelievable.”

The key to the cleaning power behind the Challenger low moisture carpet cleaning machine is the glider. The gliders are devices that lift, separate, and thoroughly clean carpet fibers. This, paired with a soil releasing agent, a moistened pad/bonnet, and the Challenger’s unique and smooth oscillating motion gives it an unsurpassed cleaning ability.
How many times have you cleaned carpets with “steam” and the spots reappeared, wicking back to the surface, within a few days or weeks?  Our customers’ clients vouch for the power of the Challenger Pad System stating that their carpets, “appear cleaner, they stay fresh longer, and the spots didn’t come back.”
In a series of tests at Dalton’s Carpet Mill, the Challenger low moisture carpet cleaner ranked first when compared to other low moisture systems in cleaning “trashed out” carpet. In many cases, the Challenger is preferred over HWE because of its “all-natural, odorless, water conserving method that dries in minutes”.

Rick in  Colorado says:  “I primarily use the Challenger for residential and small offices.  It is lightweight, durable, and effective for both carpet and tile/grout.  It runs like a champ.”

About Challenger Pad Systems

Challenger Pad Systems was founded in the late 90’s by Kirk Jenkins in Kilgore, Texas. In September of 2010, Brooks Beeler purchased the company.  Brooks eventually moved the headquarters of Challenger Pad Systems to Lindale, Texas, where it is still based today. Brooks joined forces with partner Don Davis and Challenger is poised for growth and a very bright future.

The Challenger Oscillating Pad System

How do Customers React?

Corporate America likes the Challenger low moisture carpet cleaning machine because it helps their bottom line. It saves hundreds and even thousands of dollars of needless carpet replacement costs and eliminates potential mold lawsuits from over-soaked carpet.
Homeowners like the Challenger carpet cleaning machine because it does a quality job and is not intrusive. It does not leave carpets soaked, harmful chemicals are not brought in, and hoses are not run throughout the house. The Challenger carpet cleaning machine runs so smooth and quietly that it won’t disturb a sleeping baby.

How do Carpet Cleaning Professionals React?

Many professionals offer the Challenger System as their premium carpet cleaning service at a considerably higher price than the same work done with HWE. Users of the Challenger low moisture carpet cleaning machine like it because there are no hoses to drag up flights of stairs in high-rise apartments; there is no contaminated waste-water to dispose of, and no freeze damage to the system in the winter. This machine is reliable, durable, and will clean circles around the competition.