Challenger Select Pads

Pads / Bonnets

Our Challenger carpet cleaning pads or carpet cleaning bonnets are long-lasting, effective, and durable. We use two different fabric thicknesses for the pads, Select and Primo. The Select fabric pad is a thinner 10.75 GSM fabric as compared to the considerably thicker Primo pad that is a 20 GSM fabric pad. There are several types of fabrics out there used for carpet cleaning pads, however, Challenger Pad Systems use a cotton pad composed of 100% all-natural cotton fibers. Other man-made materials, such as polyester and microfiber pads, are less aggressive and less absorbent than that of the natural fibers found in the cotton pad. The cotton pads are more abrasive to give carpeting a tough cleaning as well as highly absorbent to thoroughly extract any water from deep within the carpet.

Our Challenger Pads will work on most carpet cleaning machines, no matter the brand. We have 8”, 14”, 18”,  and 19” pads in stock. We can custom make pads of different sizes and shapes with a minimal order quantity–so if you have a special request, let us know!

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