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Hot Water Extraction vs Oscillating Pad Cleaning


Now that I have your attention with this old argument I’m not going to debate if one is better than the other. Let’s look at it a little different and say they both have a place. Imagine one is a shovel and the other is a pair of post hole diggers. Both of them can dig a hole and do a great job. They are different but it doesn’t make … Read More →

A Closer Look at the Challenger Pad System Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Challenger Pad Systems All Natural Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

  If you’re following Challenger Pad Systems on Facebook, you may have seen that we’ve been working on putting together a couple videos that talk more about our carpet cleaning machine and products. During the videos Brooks demonstrates the Challenger Pad Machine’s powerful cleaning abilities and also discusses our all-natural carpet cleaning products a little more in-depth. He gives an overview of the opportunities Challenger Pad Systems has to offer someone looking … Read More →

Goals + Plans = Success!

Goals + Plans = Success!

We are halfway through February already, so how is your “2015 Plan” going? Did you make a plan and set goals for this new year? Did you write them down? Did you share them with anyone? When creating a plan, you will put steps into place with the purpose of assisting you to reach your goals. Goals without a plan are worthless. Goal setting is often difficult, but it is … Read More →

Are You Exposed?


Some of the solvents used in carpet cleaning contain harmful toxins that, according the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), can cause damage to the liver, central nervous system, and kidneys of both your clients and you. These cleaners leave behind harmful residue and dangerous fumes that can seriously affect someone’s well-being. The long-term effects from working with these chemicals on a daily basis are even more alarming. Besides being … Read More →